Lectures at Inorganic and Physical Chemistry Division

Physical Chemistry

Undergraduate (Sarjana) Program

KI2141 Structure and Chemical Bonds
KI2241 Chemical Energetics
KI3141 Chemical Dynamics
KI3142 Nuclear Chemistry and Radiation

Graduate (Magister) Program

KI5243 Polymer and Degradation
KI6171 Energetics and Chemical Equilibrium
KI5241 Statistical Thermodynamics
KI5143 Special Topics in Physical Chemistry
KI5141 Quantum Chemistry
KI5142 Chemical Thermodynamics
KI5244 Solid State Chemistry
KI5242 Advanced Chemical Dynamics
KI5172 Descriptive Inorganic Chemistry
KI5274 Structure and Chemical Dynamics
KI5144 Polymer Chemistry
KI5245 Electrochemistry
KI5246 Sensor and Lithography
KI5145 Surface Chemistry

Inorganic Chemistry

Undergraduate (Sarjana) Program

KI2231 Structure and Inorganic Reactivity
KI2231 Chemistry of The Main Groups
KI3231 Transition Metals and Coordination Chemistry
KI3111 Introduction to Diffraction Methods

Graduate (Magister) Program

KI5232 Inorganic Structure Determination
KI5131 Advanced Inorganic Chemistry
KI5234 Inorganic Material Chemistry
KI5134 Catalysis
KI513 Inorganic Synthesis
KI5231 Mechanism of Inorganic Reactions