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NIMS Junior Researcher

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NIMS (National Institute for Materials Science, Japan) offers the NIMS Graduate Research Assistantship to doctoral/master’s students who aspire to a career as researchers in materials science. The assistantship carries a monthly stipend to assist academically deserving students in fulfilling their academic goals. Those students appointed as NIMS Junior Researcher will enable to gain insight into their research career by “hands on” experience of working on latest research projects, without financial hardship.


Duties prescribed by the hosting professor/researcher are attributed to the NIMS employment regulations. The duties and responsibilities are related to the student’s research activities.


Admission to Doctoral program or Master’s course in Materials Science and Engineering at University of Tsukuba is a prerequisite for the assistantship. NIMS Junior Researchers are required to have sufficient research ability to be involved in the research.

* the employment occurs when the students are enrolled in the graduate programs without leave of absence or withdrawal.
* NIMS Junior Researchers are not permitted to receive a concurrent scholarship, such as JSPS or governmental scholarship, and any part-time jobs

Monthly Stipend

It will be determined by the assessment of the candidate and the actual working days.
Doctoral student : approximately 180,000 JPY for 13 days work per month
Master’s student : approximately 160,000 JPY for for 11 days work per month


The contract is for one year, and is renewable every year up to three years for doctoral student and two years for master’s student. It will be terminated if the student fails to demonstrate his/her excellence in research or leaves the program.

How to Apply

Send the following documents by email to NIMS Graduate Program Group ( nims-graduate ), with a subject line of [Tsukuba-NIMS GRA] Application.

Application form (Please include the contact details of at least two references. We may directly contact the references regarding the application.)
– CV
– Academic transcripts of both undergraduate and graduate (in PDF or JPEG format)
– Scanned copy of the valid TOEFL/TOEIC/IELTS score certificate ( Please find the details on TOEIC/TOEFL/IELTS requirement for the entrance exam.)