Posted February 18, 2015 by I Nyoman Marsih, Ph.D in Anggota

I Nyoman Marsih, Ph.D


I Nyoman Marsih, Ph.D

Division of Inorganic and Physical Chemistry
Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences
Institut Teknologi Bandung

Chemistry Building, room 231
Jl. Ganeca 10 Bandung, Indonesia, 40132
Ph. (+62) 22 2502103


  1. B.Sc., Institut Teknologi Bandung, Indonesia, 1994
  2. M.Sc., Institut Teknologi Bandung, Indonesia, 1996
  3. Ph.D., University of Sheffield, The United Kingdom, 2001

Career Profile 

  1. Lecturer, Department of Chemistry, ITB, 1994-now

Research Interests

Heterogeneously catalysed reactions, such as hydrogenation of carbon monoxide (Fischer-Tropsch Reaction), and steam reforming of methanol or methane. This includes preparation of alumina or silica supported transition metal oxide catalysts, characterization of the catalysts using XRD and surface area measurements, and their catalytic activity test using a single pass micro reactor.

Selected Publications

  1. E Febriyanti, V Suendo, R R Mukti, A Prasetyo, A F Arifin, M A Akbar, S Triwahtono, I N Marsih, and Ismunandar, Langmuir, 2016, 32, 5802-5811.
  2. Grandprix TM Kadja, Rino R Mukti, Zhendong Liu, Mita Rilyanti, Ismunandar, I Nyoman Marsih, Masaru Ogura, Toru Wakihara, and Tatsuya Okubo, Microporous and Mesoporous Materials, 226 (2016) 344-352.
  3. Dahlan, I Nyoman Marsih, IGBN Makertihartha, Piyasan Praserthdam, Joongjai Panpranot and Ismunandar, Chemistry and Materials Research, Vol. 2, No.3, 2012.
  4. Meta Widiastri, Fendy and I Nyoman Marsih, Zircon Supported Copper Catalysts for Steam Reforming of Methanol, American Institute of Physics, 2008, p. 248-251.
  5. I Nyoman Marsih, Dudi A Firmansyah, Djulia Onggo, and IGBN Makertihartha, “Sintesis Hidrogen dari Metanol dengan Katalis Cu/ZnO/Al2O3“, Jurnal Kimia Indonesia, 1, 2006, 13-16
  6. M. L. Turner, I Nyoman Marsih, B. E. Mann, R. Quyoum, H. C. Long and P. M. Maitlis, ” Investigation by 13C NMR Spectroscopy of Ethene Initiated Foscher-Tropsch Reactions”, J. Am. Chem. Soc., 124, 2002, 10456
  7. I Nyoman Marsih, M. L. Turner, R. Quyoum, B. E. Mann and P. M. Maitlis, “13C NMR Spectoscopic Analysis of Alkenes Formed from 13 C2H4 Probe Addition to Carbon Monoxide Hydrogenations”, presented in the Second Taylor Conference, September 3-7, 2000, Liverpool, UK.