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Cynthia Linaya Radiman, Prof.Dr.Ing


Cynthia Linaya Radiman, Prof.Dr.Ing

Division of Inorganic and Physical Chemistry
Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences
Institut Teknologi Bandung

Chemistry Building, room 2106
Jl. Ganeca 10 Bandung, Indonesia, 40132
Ph. (+62) 22 2502103 ext. 212


  1. B.Sc., Institut Teknologi Bandung, Indonesia, 1976
  2. M.Sc., Universite Montpellier II, France, 1978
  3. Ph.D., Universite Montpellier II, France, 1981


Career Profile

  1. Lecturer, Institut Teknologi Bandung, 1977-now
  2. Head of Physical Chemistry Laboratory, ITB, 1988-1998
  3. Head of Chemistry Department, ITB, 1998-2001
  4. Dean of Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences, ITB, 2000-2004



Research Interest

The characteristics of tailor-made membranes are affected by various parameters such as dope composition, casting condition and post-treatment. Therefore, the focus of research conducted in our laboratory is to find the relationship between membrane structure and its properties. The activities cover three major aspects:

Membrane preparation: asymmetric and composite membranes are prepared using natural or synthetic polymers.

Membrane characterization: including permeability, permselectivity, morphological structure and mechanical properties of membranes.

Membrane applications: clarification of turbid water, textile waste water treatment, and desalination.


Selected Publications:

  1. C. L. Radiman, H. Sangkanparan, V.S. Praptowododo and Oei Ban Liang, “Preparation of Asymmetric Membranes for Desalination, Clarification of Turbid Water and Biotechnological Down-Stream Processing”, Desalination, 93, 1993, 273-268.
  2. C. L. Radiman and A. Putra, “Preparation and Characterization of Nata-de-coco Membranes”, presented in the 7th Pacific Polymer Conference”, Oaxaca, Mexico, December 4-8, 2001.
  3. C. L. Radiman, Yuliany dan V. Suendo, “Pengaruh Media Peredam pada Permeabilitas Polisulfon”, Jurnal Matematika dan Sains, 7(2), 2002, 77-83.
  4. C. L. Radiman and H. R. Soebardi, “Utilization of Composite Membranes for Textile Waste Water Treatment”, Presented at The International Conference on Pure and Applied Chemistry PACCON 2002, Bangkok, Thailand, May 29-31, 2002.
  5. C. L. Radiman and I. Gustian, “Preparation of Reverse Osmosis Membranes from Arenga Pinata”, Presented in The 8th Pacific Polymer Conference”, Bangkok, Thailand, November 24-27, 2003.